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Success Stories

Gibbets 2 & 3

49.7m F2P copies

1.6m F2P copies

Tap Tap Builder
Tap Tap Builder

4.2m F2P copies

830k F2P copies

Space Arena
Space Arena

3.2m F2P copies

650k F2P copies

Tiny Bang Story
Tiny Bang Story

1.3m F2P copies
70k paid copies

Farm Frenzy
Farm Frenzy

30m F2P copies
137k paid copies


245k paid copies

1.9m F2P copies

71k paid copies
1m F2P copies

Ice Rage
Ice Rage

7.5m F2P copies
115k paid copies

Zombie Derby
Zombie Derby 1 & 2

21.4m F2P copies

710k F2P copies

Ragdoll Rage
Ragdoll Rage

3.8m F2P copies

Catch the Candy: Remastered
Catch the Candy: Remastered

2.7m F2P copies

Dead Shell
Dead Shell

2.5m F2P copies

96k F2P copies

This data is accurate for June 1, 2020

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Our Workflow

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Publishing Contract
Development Strategy
Marketing Strategy
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Our Services


Tech, art, monetization, and promotion


Financing the development

Quality Assurance

Testing on a wide range of devices


Working with the press, YouTubers, and streamers


Assistance in collecting/analyzing game data

User Acquisition

Effectively buying traffic


Translation into the most widespread languages

Community Management

Interacting with players to grow
a loyal audience


Attracting players with promos on store pages

Customer Support

Well-built 1st line support 24/7